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Do you have someone in your life that needs to start believing? Or possibly a Saint who has lost their way? Well now you can be rewarded for showing them the light, and guiding them to get their Halo on, in 2018!

If you sign a Saint you can take the corresponding prize OR you can continue to build up your Sainters for more rewards! You may select from one of the two options provided below as your prize*.




1 Member

2x GA or GZ Tickets for a home game

2 Members

$50 Saints Locker Voucher

3 Members

RSEA Park tour

4 Members

2018 Signed Jumper/ Free 2019 Membership

5 Members

2019 Team Photo/ 2x 2018 Best & Fairest Tickets


Of course there are some terms on the above, but we’ve kept it pretty simple!

  1. To qualify, the person you are signing up must not have been a member in 2017.
  2. All paid memberships are accepted, excluding Pet Memberships and any other ‘add-ons.
  3. If you are signing up the person on their behalf, please quote your name and member ID. If they are signing up themselves, please ensure they provide us your member ID and name upon sign up. If registering online there will be a section to enter the eligible member ID, if over the phone or on a form this must be advised clearly.

*Please note that depending on the time of season certain prizes may not be available, therefore alternate options will be provided. In addition all game day prizes will be at the discretion of the St Kilda Football Club. This program is seasonal based only, and members you sign will not carry over into future seasons, so make sure you redeem your prize in the current season so you don't have to start all over again next season!